NOMAD Upload Error

I receive this error when trying to upload a file. How can I fix this?

If I try to upload the same file using the web interface, this is the error I receive.

These issues might be related. Could you send me your nomad configuration via email (markus.scheidgen[at] Best you zip the whole folder with the docker-compose, nomad.yaml and potentially other files.

I could see any apparent causes in your config. The error messages could be caused by a variety of things.

There are a couple of things you can try.

  • remove - ./env.js:/app/gui/build/env.js from the docker-compose. You can also delete the env.js file. This should not be necessary, as we create an env.js from the nomad.yaml now. But this can possible cause the shell error.
  • Replace command: ["./", "/nomad-oasis"] with command: ./, again newer nomad versions try to be smarter here.
  • Use the most current version. You can run docker pull before restarting the oasis to replace the used image with our newest release.

If this isn’t helping, drop me another email and we do this together in a zoom call or something.