'NoneType' error for pylammps and fix

Dear Pylammps developer,

When I run a pylammps code (using version Dec18) on the login node of clusters, the job finishes fine, but when submitting the job via qsub I get an error message:

File “(path_to_lammps.py)/lammps.py”, line 797, in get_thermo_data
for line in lines:
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Alternatively, the PBS error can be reproduced on the login node runnincommand like :

python (code name) > redirect_file

In this case the lammps wrapper do not capture the lammps output and this is what is causing the error.

So I modified lammps.py by putting the section (starting with for line in lines) under a try-except structure like:


for line in lines: