Not finding models in directory

Hi ,

I have install kim api with help of git-hub with MEAM_2NN_Fe_to_Ga__MO_145522277939_001 model
when write command kim-api-v1-collections-management list in terminal I get the information that my models are in /usr/local/lib/kim-api-v1/models.
But when I actually go their i dont find anything and found the folder empty.
Where are my models ? Actually I want to change eam_db.tdb file from the model ,how can I do it?




I think this is related to your other message in the thread “Problem while running pair style kim”. I think LAMMPS is overwriting your KIM API installation because you didn’t indicate that you already had a copy of the KIM API installed to /usr/local/lib. If you do make lib-kim args="-p /usr/local/kim-api" after you’ve done make yes-kim but before you do make mpi, it should stop LAMMPS from overwriting your existing installation (which is why your Models are disappearing). This is described in the LAMMPS docs for the ‘kim’ package (see Let me know if this resolves your problem.

Thanks Dan for your response,
actually I am very much confused about "How I can install kim package because at various places(github,lammps/src) their are various commands and I dont know which to follow can you suggest proper flow of commands I can follow in proper directory.

thanks and Regards,

Hi Dan , I was trying to install kim with help of the commands given in the below link, but I am getting error (

[email protected]:~/Packages$ cd lammps-31Mar17/src
[email protected]:~/Packages/lammps-31Mar17/src$ make lib-kim
Makefile:132: recipe for target ‘lib-kim’ failed
make: *** [lib-kim] Error 1

How I can install ?