not output files


I run simulations using LAMMPS on the shared memory SGI UA system from my university. I need to run simulations by reading in restart files from previous simulations. But whenever I use the restart file no results files are outputted even the job has already run a really long time. The system shows the job is running but it also seems stuck somewhere and never really run. Below is the .o file outputted by the system when I stop my simulation and no other error messages showed up. It seems the simulation never really run after the processors are mapped.


LAMMPS (21 Mar 2012)

Reading restart file …

WARNING: Restart file used different # of processors (read_restart.cpp:517)

orthogonal box = (-0.001 -0.001 -0.0126206) to (25.4806 24.4546 120.961)

2 by 2 by 9 MPI processor grid

If I read the data file to start the simulations there will be no such problem. I am not sure where the problem is. I will really appreciate if somebody can give some advice.

Yumeng Li

I don't know. It is very unlikely that LAMMPS would hang
without writing an error message to the screen. See if you
can run interactive so you can see the error message when
it appears.