Odd behavior of lubricate/poly

Dear all,

I am trying to runs sims of poly disperse particles using
lubricate/poly pair_style (as I want to include HI interactions) and I
am having problems. If I just use mono disperse particles everything
seems more or less ok (I get to reproduce the results from
Bolintineanu et al. DOI:10.1007/s40571-014-0007-6). Now when I switch
to poly disperse I do not even get the sims to properly equilibrate to
the right temperature (I am also using the pair_style brownian to
thermostat the system). I also tried simulating a single size particle
using lubricate/poly and brownian/poly and the sims are still not
equlibrating properly. I might have I problem with my implementation
as I am quite new using lammps. Please find attached to simple input
files that reproduce the problems.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.



lub_poly.in (896 Bytes)

lub.in (876 Bytes)

please try to contact the authors of this pair style. they are mentioned in the source code.