odd error on tersoff style with lammps-12Dec18

This is strange. I run a simple test calculations using two versions of lammps
and get an error on the later version.

Here’s the input:

units metal
atom_style atomic
atom_modify map hash sort 0 0.2 # should hash be used for scatter_atoms???

read_data data.set # look to this file for the data

mass 1 72.64

pair_style tersoff
pair_coeff * * SiCGe.tersoff Ge

neighbor 0.3 bin
neigh_modify delay 0 every 1 check yes

variable pe equal pe

thermo 1
thermo_modify norm no

run 0 post no

So there are also two files present: data.set and SiCGe.tersoff

lammps-1Feb14 runs it fine.
lammps-12Dec18 drops this error:

ERROR: Unknown pair style tersoff (…/force.cpp:262)
Last command: pair_style tersoff

Exactly the same input files.

What gives???

…Murray Daw

What is the output of running the LAMMPS executables with the -help flag?

Could it be that the 12Dec18 executable is missing the MANYBODY package?