One question about pair_style eam calculating pair potential

Dear everyone,
I need to slightly modify Auu3.eam potential file which is in the LAMMPS potential folder. But I encountered one problem. Could you please help me?
According to the original paper PRB 33 (1986) 7983, for pure Au materials, the effective charge Z(r)=11*(1+0.1269*r*r)*exp(-1.4475*r), then the pair repulsion potential is given by phi(r)=Z(r)*Z(r)/r. But according to the doc page of pair_style eam command, it says that pair potential term is calculated via the formula r*phi=27.2 * 0.529 * Zi * Zj, i.e. phi(r)=27.2*0.529*79*79/r for pure Au. Can anybody please tell me that whether these two methods are consistent with each other in calculating phi and why is that?
Thanks very much!

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