Openkim-api-v1.4.0 on Mac


I just tried to put openkim-api-v1.4.0 onto my macbook pro and it failed to compile. Here is the offending part of the result:

Hi Ron, Yes. Sorry about that. I should have documented this issue before the release of 1.4.0... Anyway, here is the workaround.

As of 2014-01-20, gfortran on Darwin OS (Mac OSX) has a bug
associated with the use of iso_c_binding Fortran/C
interoperability features which are now standard in openkim-api.
(See We have
reported this bug and are awaiting its fix. In the meantime,
the following workaround has been identified:

(i) You must have a "multi-library" version of gfortran
     installed on your mac due the need (see (ii) below) to
     compile for a 32bit architecture. This means that GCC must
     have been configured with the "--enable-multilib" flag. To check
     your version execute `gfortran -v' and look for the string
     "--enable-multilib". In order to install a multilib version
     of gfortran on your mac you can use a package manager such
     as Homebrew, Mac Ports, or fink. Follow the instructions
     for installing the package manager of your choice. Then
     execute the command to install gfortran.

     For Homebrew the command is:
       % brew install gfortran --enable-multilib

     For Mac Ports the command is:
       % sudo port select --set gcc mp-gcc48
       (Note, this may require that you compile the package from source
        in order to get the correct version.)

(ii) You must compile the openkim-api and associated Models,
       Tests, etc. using the `KIM_SYSTEMARCH = 32bit' setting.

(iii) Item (ii) above, may mean that you will need to tell your
       compilers to use 32bit mode (for example):
          `CC = gcc -m32'
          `CXX = g++ -m32'
          `FC = gfortran -m32'

(iv) You need to have the following line in the
       Makefile.KIM_Config file in order to avoid harmless
       compiler warnings:
          `LDFLAGS += -read_only_relocs suppress'

That should do it.... Let's hope the gfortran team gets around to fixing this bug quickly.