Option not to print out WARNINGS

Dear LAMMPS users and developers,

Is there an option to NOT print out warnings on the screen? I have a
system with FENE bonds which I am stretching. I always get "FENE bond
too long" warnings and it makes the output file from the scheduler



You can pipe the output through "grep -v WARNING" or comment out the code in error.cpp. Axel.

Are you using the current version of LAMMPS?
In the current version, warning messages are not supposed
to be written to the log file if they occur in the middle of a run,
to avoid cluttering thermo output, The message you list
is in that category (whether it is at start-up or during a run).

The 0 arg in this line in bond_fene.cpp is what makes it
not appear during a run:



Thanks. I am using an old version of LAMMPS for consistency with a
work that was done a couple of years back. I have used "grep -v" as
Axel suggested as I do not want to recompile LAMMPS in the cluster. I
will use this flag when I change to a much more recent version.