Outputing the fix addforce forces in thermo output.

Dear Steve, Users,

I wanted to get clarification about printing of the forces defined by fix addforce command. In the doc page, it is listed that “The vector is the total force on the group of atoms before the forces on individual atoms are changed by the fix.” which suggests to me that additional applied forces are not incorporated in the thermo output. Is it possible to print out total forces in thermo output (or otherwise) which include “addforce” forces also.

I am applying a force in my system which depends on the z position of the particle exp(-z). and I would like to get a measure of this force (on all particles) in thermo output.

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If you just want total force on a group of
atoms you can use compute reduce and
output that value with thermo output.


Thanks Steve,
I will try that out. After Stan’s email I was thinking about that direction.

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Dear Steve,
I tried using your recommendation but my code is crashing when I am trying to print out the value in thermo output
Here is my basic file
atom_style sphere
atom_modify map array sort 0 0
boundary p p f