Ovito atom type

Hello everybody
I’m a new user to ovito, I’m viewing the results of Lammps dump file where I have three types of atoms
My question is in ovito how can I view only one type of atoms?


Hi Isra,
you could use a Select Type Modifier in conjunction with a Delete Selected Modifier to select and delete atoms of a specific type from the active scene. You’ll find these modifiers when you click on the drop-down menu “Add modification” in the pipeline modification panel in the GUI.
I have linked the corresponding manual entries for you.

Thank you very much for your reply
One more question if possible, is there is a way to make some of the atoms semi transparent to allow for the deformation process of the inner atoms to be clear and visible?

Thanks and regards

Yes, please have look at the following “How-to guide” in our User manual: https://www.ovito.org/docs/current/advanced_topics/transparent_particles.html


hello, @kalcher is it possible to delete some atom of a particular atom type for example i have 6 atoms having same id (3) and i want to delete 4 atoms from the 6 atom
thank you so much

Sure, have you tried the Expression Selection or Manual Selection Modifiers, yet?