Pair hybrid sub-style is not used

Dear All,
I have been trying to compute the surface tension of calcite solid surface between two vapor slabs.
I am getting an error related to hybrid, however , I am using pair_style hybrid/overlay as shown in the attached file, I have also copied below my input file. The error happened at the very end of the simulation run.

Could anyone send me a feedback please.

Mohamed S.J.
PhD -Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Dept.
Rice University
Houston, TX, USA.

ERROR: Pair hybrid sub-style is not used (../pair_hybrid.cpp:464)

log.txt (7.39 KB)

You declared 4 pair_styles in your pair_style hybrid/ovelay: coul/long, lj/cut, lj/mdf, and buck/mdf. The error meant 1 or more of the four pair_styles wasn’t used. So which one was not included in the forcefield.inp file?