pair style hybrid

Dear Axel,
If i use this syntax:

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pair_style hybrid tersoff/omp airebo/omp 3.0 1 1
pair_coeff * * tersoff/omp SiC.tersoff C Si
pair_coeff * * airebo/omp CH.airebo C

Will this both override each other and suitable for my case below?

this is wrong and cannot work. the documentation
clearly says so.

for hybrid potentials in general, all interactions of
all atom types listed for use with a manybody potential
have to be contained within that potential.

technically, you can have two types of carbon atoms
represented by manybody potentials, but the interactions
*between* those carbon atoms can only be implemented
via a pairwise potential. anything else would be horribly
inconsistent and a very bad model. you cannot just blank
out one set of pairs from a manybody potential. full stop.