pair_style kim errors

Dear lammps-users:

I apologize for a possibly stupid question.

I want to use meam potential by “pait_style kim”,but the following errors are given.

data.LiSialloy (12.6 KB)

in.LiSialloy (640 Bytes)

kim.log (461 Bytes)

log.lammps (1010 Bytes)

That’s an error returned by the KIM library. Assuming it has the model you’ve
requested (did you check?), then possibly Ryan can answer your Q (CCd).



The MEAM_2NN__MD_111291751625_001 Model Driver, and thus its associated Models (MEAM_2NN_Fe_to_Ga__MO_145522277939_001, MEAM_2NN_GaInN__MO_117938381510_001, and kcc_meam_LiSi__MO_596436139350_001), only supports the KIM API "MI_OPBC_F" Neighbor list and Boundary Condition (NBC) computation mode.

Unfortunately, this mode is not compatible with LAMMPS. So, I'm afraid that you will not be able to use these models.

Hopefully the Model Driver developer will add support for other NBC methods so that these Models are compatible with LAMMPS. A message sent to the Driver developer requesting such features, would likely increase his motivation for adding these features...