Parallel run


the instructions i pointed out to you are very specific and have to be followed correctly in all details.
your screenshot confirms, that you do not even follow the required command line for running in parallel in local mode. nobody can help you, if you don’t follow instructions correctly.


Can I find mpich2 appropriate version for Windows 10 bcz i downloaded several versions but installation crashed of smpd each time I tried, I believe this is the reason due to which i am unable to use multiple cores

for the last time. the instructions i pointed out are precise and specific and work for all windows versions from windows xp onward. they have been successfully applied by hundreds, if not thousands of people, since they have not changed in years and quite a few people have been using LAMMPS on windows in parallel based on the binary packages i provide with the instructions given there.

you e-mails confirm, that you are either unwilling or not capable of applying the necessary care and deviate from them. i cannot fix that from here. that is your problem to sort out.

please note, that you know have more than exhausted the amount of goodwill, i am willing to extend to people that do not pay attention. if you need any help in the future, you have to hope for somebody else to help you.