particles of frozen wall are composing a group as big particle for fix srd command

I made a thin wall whose particles are spheres with diameter=5 and i set particle’s coordinates of wall in a group.I use this group as big-group in fix srd command.because of the type of lattice (fcc) that i used for building wall. this wall dosent have any hole and i set diameters of srd particles= 0. In order to srd paticles can not move thru wall. But when i run my input. it was stopped with an error as follows:
WARNING: Fix srd SRD moves may trigger frequent reneighboring
ERROR on proc 0: Fix SRD: too many big particles in bin
Please help me
If i want to use stochastic rotation dynamics in my system in order to exert hydrodynamics effects for example on polymer that is translocating thru a nanopore in a membrane , could i use fix srd command so that srd paticle can do interact with both polymer as a solute and frozen wall as a membrane that polymer translate thru a pore in its center? Or this command is designed just for mobile solutes that can do interact with srd particles as background solvent ?
It is important for me whether i can use is command or not? 6 months time i put on this issue but i didnt result.

At the top of fix_srd.cpp is a setting for ATOMPERBIN = 30.
If you exceed this, you get the error you mention.

That is the max allowed # of big particles per SRD bin. So
Normally those bins should be a fraction of the diameter of
big particles, e.g. 1/4, so it shouldn't be a problem. If you
built a frozen wall/pore with highly overlapping big particles,
then you could have a problem. But you don't need that
much overlap. You can make the setting
larger if you like (and recompile), but I'm guessing you
really have a flawed model.


Why you are guessing my model is flawed ?
I used fcc style for building wall in order to make a wall without holes so that srd particles can not move thru wall.
I did that because you said srd particles move thru holes of wall and also you said size of big particles is important. I set diameter of wall’s particles=5 as big particles in order to srd paticles can see particles of wall. If i set hgrid=1.25 ( length of bin ),that problem will be solved ?

I said that b/c you don't need to overlap so many big particles that
you have 30+ per SRD bin. SRD bins should be small
compared to big particles. You can build a wall with no
holes that doesn't overflow that storage.