per atom enthalpy for heat/flux .

Hi all users.
I want to calculate the thermal conductivity of nanofluid(Ar_Cu) with Green Kubo formula .but the heat/flux command does’nt have the term of enthalpy for nanofluid.
if the tc command that Xiaoliang added do it?this command isn’t in manual and lammps.
and if the code that is in mail list(Xiaoliang) is true to use it?


I haven’t tried Xiaoliang’s code, but I think this could be done with only the input script. Before doing the G-K correlation, you could subtract off the average h*v term from your instantaneous heat flux values, where h is found from average energy and virial terms in an earlier run. E.g., see Jacob Eapen’s work, PRL 98 028302 2007.