performing monte carlo moves

Dear all,
My system consist of just 6 silver atoms in cubic box i want to perform simple monte carlo on this system.I dont want to use gcmc.
I would like to know if there is a provision in lammps to perform mc.

Any help is appreciated,


It’s hard to answer this without knowing more about what you want to do. Since you say you don’t want to use gcmc, I assume you want to do Monte Carlo in either the NVT or NPT ensemble? Are the Monte Carlo steps going to be combined with molecular dynamics? If you just want to do a MC simulation of this system, it might be easier to just write your own code.

If you only have 6 atoms why trying to use lammps then? Just do
ab-initio on the system.
Your results will be more accurate and many second-order potential
problems that arise in classical physics will not haunt you (i.e.
which interaction potential to use, etc). Using lammps or any other
classical massively parallel code for a six atom problem feels to me
like killing a fly with a cannon.
As Nail said, you could write your own MC code. If you are after
finding global energy minima look into
USPEX. It is a code designed for that purpose and has been interfaced
with many popular ab-initio and classical codes.