peridynamic-pmma material

Hi all

I’m studying the pmma material. I have modeled the growth crack using peridynamic theory, But the force I compute by the simulation, this is not the same as the experimental results. Can solution problem be in potentials or size of horizons? I have used the potential below.

pair_coeff * * 2.32251482e19 0.002505 0.0322438 0.2

Thanks for their advice


What lattice spacing are you using?
Where did you find the value 0.0322438 for s00? In the article: {F. Caimmi, E. Haddadi, N. Choupani, C. Marano, and L. Andena. Modelling mixed-mode fracture in poly(methylmethacrylate) using peridynamics. Procedia Structural Integrity, 2:166 – 173, 2016} s00 is determined to be 1.3*10^(-2).