PhD and Postdoctoral positions, particle-based modeling of cells

Dear members of LAMMPS community,

I hope it is convenient if I post here a LAMMPS related job in academia.
In our group, we are extensively using LAMMPS for biophysical
computations and are looking for new group members:

PhD student and postdoctoral positions are currently available with a
starting date in June 2017 or later. The positions are fully funded.
The successful candidates will work on the development of
particle-based model and computational framework for simulation of
cells in health and disease (cancer, malaria).
Candidates should have strong programming skills (C++, GPU),
background in numerical methods, and degree in Applied Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science or a relevant engineering
Inquiries should be directed to Professor Pivkin (igor.pivkin [at]

yes, perfectly fine (and encouraged) to post these

kind of job announcements to the LAMMPS mail list.

Even ones that aren’t directly LAMMPS related but

more general molecular & materials simulation.

Everyone knowing about job options is a good thing!