pizza issue togl


How do you not get this error?

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This is bugging me for a while now? Any clear cut instructions would be really helpful!



The recommendation (install libtogl2) that your operating system is providing would be the first step to try.
But don’t get your hopes up, there hasn’t been an update to in many years and the code base is still python 2 only.
some of the parts are dependent on very old and discontinued packages and have not been updated in ages.


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Hi Axel

Thanks for the reply. Just wondering, if pizza is being depreciated, what are the alternatives to pizza in windows machine in python environment? Please kindly let me know.

Best regards, KM

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The future of is in the hand of its developer, Steve.

What is a viable alternative depends on what you use it for. The LAMMPS website has a list of tools that can be used for pre- and post-processing and visualization.

I don’t use LAMMPS on windows, so I cannot tell which exist on windows.


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You don’t have to run the main script to use the tools within pizza (dump, log, etc.). I use the script all the time with Python 3.7 for extracting data. I did have to update it to use it with Python 3.7+, but it can be simple to convert Python 2 code to Python 3 code (see 2to3).

I’ve attached my version of in case it’s helpful. One other modification I made to is I removed support for thermo styles where “step” is not the first keyword because that support was broken (and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it). So to use your thermo_style should look like thermo_style custom step temp press … .

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Hi Will

Thanks for the suggestions and sending in the .py file. However, my outlook blocked the, I cannot access that. Would that be possible to zip it and send. Sorry for all the trouble. Just wanted to try it out.

Thanks a lot again!

Best Regards, KM