available through Python Package Index (

I found a version of on Github:

…and I forked it:

On my “develop” branch, you will find a version of that has been modified to fit the standard format used by Python setuputils/distutils. can now be downloaded and installed with a single command using pip (
pip install --user
This command installs files in the user’s home directory, and does not require root privileges.

I don’t use in an interactive mode, but the extensions to the Python command-line interface should still work with the command:
python -i ~/.local/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/pizza/
The exact installation path may differ for your operating system.

If you fork my repo on GitHub and make improvements, please use the “git flow” conventions for branch naming:


Does this mean that all the other Python packages (OpenGL, Tcl/Tk, Numeric, etc)
needed by various of the tools are also automatically installed
or included for you in the setup/install?


I included only NumPy as a requirement (which has replaced Numeric). I didn’t include OpenGL or Tcl/Tk as requirements since functions without them (at least the functionality that I’m using). I don’t know if Python setuptools/distutils has a way to handle optional dependencies.