[pizza-py-users] Setting environment variables

I'm CCing the LAMMPS mail list, b/c this is really a LAMMPS tool
you are running. The env variable setting is just for Python to find
the Python files you are importing into the dump2cfg.py tool.

Try this first: put the *.py files in tools/python/pizza into the same
dir as dump2cfg.py. Then run from that dir on some dump file
you have. That should just work. Then if you set LAMMPS_PYTHON_TOOLS
to the lammps/tools/pizza dir, that should also work, even if
you delete the pizza dir files from the lammps/tools dir.


Hi all,
Thank you so much for the help!
I now solved the problem and move on to installing the Numeric module for python. It seems that the numeric 24.2 version doesn’t work in my python, which is version 2.7.3. I wonder where can I find the proper version of the Numeric module for python 2.7.3? And also I met problem installing the python-dev. I am using ubuntu 12.04. If there any way to find the proper version of the python-dev?

Don't use Numeric - it is old. Use Numpy instead. Pizza.py
modules can use either.