please help answering questions to the mailing list

dear lammps-users subscribers,

i’ve asked for this a few months ago, and it looks like it is needed again.
we have (again) a growing number of posts to this mailing list that are left unanswered or have long delays until they get answered.

this is in part due to LAMMPS developers being currently being overloaded with other projects, but also due to the growing traffic and the kind of questions being asked.

for example, the number of inquiries that are about how to use LAMMPS for specific research projects rather than about specific technical details has increased. these are usually much better answered or commented on by active LAMMPS users in that research domain, than by developers that are not familiar with all the details.

also the number of inquiries from beginners is growing. those questions are not very demanding, but time consuming nonetheless. often it would be a big help to advise people to present their problem in a better way, so that it will take less effort to answer.

wouldn’t you prefer the LAMMPS developers work on fixing bugs and incorporating or implementing new or improved features into LAMMPS?

considering the large number of subscribers to this list, this is something that should be “crowdsourced” and it wouldn’t be much effort for each of you, if more of you would help out.

i am certain that many of you can better empathize with and understand those questions, being more on the side of running LAMMPS, than developers typically are. already partial help or a pointer to more information can be helpful to people in despair and is better than having them wait for days.

thanks in advance for your consideration,

I concur. I try to pull my weight but unfortunately I am really swamped at work so I don’t find a lot of time lately.

I concur. I try to pull my weight but unfortunately I am really swamped at
work so I don't find a lot of time lately.

​according to sourceforge (and after its recent rather drastic cleanup of
their mailing lists​) we (still) have over 500 subscribers.
so there must be more than enough people to pick up the slack. they just
need find the courage to step up and help out, so it is not only the same
handful of people responding.