Plotting LAMMPS output in real time

Yes, I just need to plot in real time timesteps vs Temp. I tried with with the syntax:

$ python log.lammps X Y

but i got this error :

46 100000 100029 20640
read 10005 log entries
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 25, in
x,y = lg.get(xlabel,ylabel)
File “/Users/MicheleFormica/Desktop/Nano/”, line 142, in get
raise StandardError, "unique log vector s not found" key
StandardError: unique log vector X not found

Do i need to modify thermo_style in some way to get it ready for is in the tools/python dir and is a post-processing
script that takes a LAMMPS log file as input and produces
a plot using gnuplot. Do you have gnuplot on your box.

That tool is not designed to create a real-time
plot from a running simulation. (nothing in the tool
doc says that it does).

If you want real-time plotting, you can look at the
python dir and Section_python of the manual, which
discusses real-time plotting, again via gnuplot. But
it is more complicated, and does not use


For a newer, somewhat trendier alternative to gnuplot, take a look
at the matplotlib python library:
(I like gnuplot too.)



yes, the scripts in the LAMMPS python/examples dir could
easily be adapted to work with matplotlib as well.