Plotting time correlation function

Hi all,

i have a question concerning on how can i plot the stress
auto-correlation function obtained by using fix ave/correlate. I don't
know if i'm doing it on the right way that's why i wonder if someone can
clarify me.
The file generated by fix ave/correlate gives the correlation values at
each sampled interval (Nevery) according to a correlation time length
(Nrepeat). And this is performed at each dump interval (Nfreq) during
the simulation. For calculating the correlation values for each instant
in time i'm averaging all sampled values obtained at each Nfreq. After
doing this to all dump intervals i plot the averaged values against

Is what i'm doing correct??

Thanks so much in advance.


I don't know what you want to plot, but the doc page
for fix ave/corr is pretty clear about what it
is writing into the file. If you want to average the
outputs yourself at a coarser level, you can.

Generally the only way to insure you are getting
the numbers (to plot) that you expect is to
work thru a simple example and verify that you
understand the output of the fix correctly.