Poll on creation of a dedicated mailing list for LAMMPS development topics

hi everybody,

at last week's LAMMPS workshop the question came up of whether it
would be desirable to have a second mailing list, lammps-developers,
that would be dedicated to LAMMPS development. only discussions about
modifying and extending LAMMPS, as well as reporting or fixing bugs
would be acceptable. the vote in auditorium was indecisive, so we
thought to put it to a vote to the subscribers of the lammps-users
mailing list, too. the purpose would be to make it more attractive to
developers to discuss technical issues, since a developer mailing list
has usually a much lower volume and a better signal-to-noise ratio
than a generic user mailing list.

to cast your vote, please follow the link below.

if you have a different/alternate suggestion, please respond to this
e-mail and let us know.