Poll on OpenMP enabled LAMMPS

hi everybody,

after seeing some people struggling to efficiently use OpenMP support,
i am thinking to change the default behavior in a subtle, but
non-standard way. this won't affect anybody running OpenMP enabled
LAMMPS on a well maintained machines, since those will have the
OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable initialized by default to 1. but
this is intended to help people that are not experts on this and/or
installing a pre-compiled LAMMPS version, possibly just on a
multi-core desktop and may not even be aware of this issue.

please spend a minute to go to this poll webpage and let me know what
your preference would be.


if you have any questions about the poll or the choices or have yet
another suggestion, please respond to this e-mail and make sure that
the lammps-users mailing list is copied.

thanks in advance,

thanks everybody who responded to this little poll.

a large (and absolute) majority voted for changing the default
behavior to using 1 thread if OMP_NUM_THREADS is not set.