post-processing problems in lammps


i would like to know if there are any inbuilt/additional packages for post-processing of the dump and log files obtained as output for the codes in LAMMPS.
i have been trying to use the toolkit but its compilation is giving a lot of errors, especially in the fft3d_cuda.cpp file… could you pleas help me out in this…or is there any other package for this purpose?

Thanks a lot,

Again, you are confusing with the Python wrappers that come
with LAMMPS. is a stand-alone Python code, independent of LAMMPS, and not included
in the LAMMPS distribution. There is nothing to build for, since
Python is an interpreted language. You just launch and it loads its
own tools. Fft3d_cuda is part of the (as yet unreleased) USER-CUDA package
in LAMMPS. It has nothing to do with