Postdoc and Ph.D. Positions in Molecular Modeling of Fluids Sorption by Porous and Soft Materials

The Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering
is seeking applicants for one Postdoctoral Research Associate
position. The candidate will be working on developing molecular-based
models for fluids adsorption by porous and soft materials in the group
of Dr. Gennady Gor.

Our group is specializing in porous materials and confined fluids,
tackling challenges in numerous applied areas of research: membrane
separations, high energy storage batteries, chemical sensing, shale
gas extraction and carbon sequestration, etc. We use a combination of
modeling techniques that cover both the micro and macro scales:
molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, classical density
functional theory (cDFT); electronic structure DFT and finite element
methods (FEM). For additional information, please visit

Postdoc Position: Modeling mechanical effects of fluids sorption by
porous and soft materials. Starting May 2017 or earlier, duration 1
year, with a possible 1 year extension. Competitive salary
commensurate with the level of experience.

(1) Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or a related field
(2) A track record of peer-reviewed publications
(3) Previous experience in molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, classical
DFT, or ab initio modeling
(4) Strong programming skills: Fortran-90 or C/C++, Python, etc.
(5) Experience with any standard MC/MD/ab initio software (LAMMPS,
VASP, Gaussian, etc.) is a plus.

How to apply: Applications should be send by email to Dr. Gennady Gor
[email protected]... with "Postdoc application" in the subject. Please send it
as a single PDF file.

Additionally, Ph.D. Student Positions starting September 2017 are
available. We welcome highly motivated students who
are interested in pursuing interdisciplinary theoretical and
computational research to join us. Students with background in one of
the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: chemical
engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, etc.

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