Postdoc position in theoretical/computational biophysics

Postdoc position in theoretical/computational biophysics

The Statistical Physics of Living Systems and Nano-Biotechnology research group ( at the Center for Molecular biophysics (CBM) in Orléans, France, is seeking to fill a postdoctoral position for three years.

The successful candidate will join the group to work on a large-scale project in collaboration with the Servier research laboratory in the Centre region and the University of Tours, aimed at designing in-silico bi-specific antibodies and other complex multi-domain chimeric molecules to be developed as novel agents in immunotherapeutic strategies against cancer and viral pathologies. He/she will work in close collaborations with theoreticians and experimentalists engaged in an ambitious project combining computational design, mathematical modeling, chemical synthesis, biophysical characterization and in-vivo tests of novel immunotherapy multi-domain agents.

More specifically, we will be using LAMMPS [2] to simulate the dynamics of multi-domain, multi-valent molecules (bi-specific antibodies and more complex molecules) and their binding kinetics with prescribed configurations of receptors, developing on works such as reported in Ref. [1].

The successful candidate has a keen interest in computational molecular biophysics and has used LAMMPS or similar molecular dynamics packages to simulate complex biomolecular systems. He/she possesses skills in computational physical chemistry, statistical physics and computational physics and holds a Ph.D. degree in any of these or a closely related field.

Interested candidates should send a full CV, cover letter and contact details of three references as a single PDF file to Prof. Francesco PIAZZA, Francesco.Piazza@…6834… . Applications will be considered until the position has ben filled.


[1] C. De Michele, P. De Los Rios, G. Foffi and F. Piazza, Simulation and Theory of Antibody Binding to Crowded Antigen-Covered Surfaces, Plos Comp. Biol. - 12(3), e1004752-- (2016)