Postdoctoral Research Associate - Soft Matter Simulation & Modeling

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to support research
efforts on rheology and dynamics of soft materials by using molecular
dynamics simulation and other computational tools, including
development of new computational approaches. As a Postdoc you will
interact with an interdisciplinary team that includes experts on
polymer rheology, neutron scattering, and computer simulation, and
have the opportunity to utilize US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s)
Leadership Class Computing Facilities. You will be responsible for
investigating the flow and deformation behavior of polymers using
large-scale molecular dynamics simulation and other computational
techniques. Particular attention will be paid to connecting simulation
results to neutron scattering experiments that will be performed at
DOE’s Spallation Neutron Source as part of the broader project.
Successful candidates will work within a collaborative team to advance
molecular rheology and neutron scattering of polymers. This position
resides in the Nanomaterials Theory Institute (NTI), Center for
Nanophase Materials Sciences Division (CNMS), Physical Sciences
Directorate (PSD), at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. For more info
refer to the link

Jan-Michael Carrillo