preserve groups with a "data" file?

  I know this has the potential to be a stupid question: is there a way to have a restart from a (portable, text) "data" file preserve the groups like restart from a binary "restart" file does? I know how to do tricks with types but that is not feasible for this application. I was hoping there is a simple means since the groups are just encoded in a 32bit int per atom right?

ps the reason we need groups is : they were originally defined with a region command and the atoms have moved during the simulation i.e. the equivalent region command will generate different groups.

You'd need more than an int per atom. You'd need the
names of the groups. Anything is possible, but I don't
think this is a good idea to go down the path of encoding
restart file info in data files. Why not just use a restart file?


Coincidentally, someone emailed yesterday with
an idea for making binary restart files portable
across platforms, by having the code auto-detect
the endian setting and read either. This could
be added to the read_restart command and the
restart2data tool. So maybe that works around
your problem since there will be issue with
using a restart file directly, instead of a data file.