print "Syntax: -o outfile -b backfile -r dump1 dump2 ..."

When I am trying visualize dump files with help of “”. I am getting following error:

File “/home/prasad/sanjay/Packages/lammps-12Dec18/tools/python/”, line 41

print “Syntax: -o outfile -b backfile -r dump1 dump2 …”

I am attaching the screenshot.
Please suggest some solution.


Dear Mr. Sanjay,

It seems like the python script you used to run the dump file, belongs to an older version of python (where it wasn’t mandatory to use parenthesis in print command). But the latest version of python does demand parenthesis in print command. So try to put parenthesis at all the places where you have used the print command. E.g: print(“My argument”).
I have faced the same problems during a few of my MC simulations in python.

Thanking you,
Deep M. Patel

I think that the script is complying with python 2 standards. Thus, it is easier to use a python 2 interpreter instead of modifying the source code.
The syntax with the brackets is part of python 3 standard.


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