Proble in shearing a system of colloids

Dear sir,
Thanks for your reply and comment on the concept of our model.
The problem is same with me. With the output it produces I don't
understand the source of the error.
I have simulated the system and obtained the density-temperature phase
diagram of it before.
Now I want to shear it. Previously there were only 3 types of atoms. But,
to separate the top, middle and bottom layers of particles, as I have
mentioned before, now I need to define 9 types of atoms. Also there are
some harmonic bonds between top and bottom layers of particles. These two
are the main difference in the data file from the previous data file. I am
attaching the input file( and the data file(fort.50).
I think the problem is in the data file. I have read the documentation
page and cannot find out any error. Can you please help me find out the

Thank you very much (1.16 KB)

fort.50 (165 KB)

log.lammps (406 Bytes)

When I run your input script this error prints:
ERROR on proc 0: 1-3 bond count is inconsistent (special.cpp:374)
(did you not think that was important to mention?)

Looking at the bond list in your data file you have:


           1 1 1 8
           1 1 1 218
           2 1 8 1

You shouldn't list bonds twice, just once.