problem about compile lammps in win7 with stubs setting

i am a win7 32 bits without MPI user, I just download the latest LAMMPS 4JULY12,simplly open file "lammps-4Jul12\src\WINDOWS\LAMMPS.sln with my visual studio 2005 using the release_STUBS compile setting.
the STUBS compiles works ok. but when i go to the LAMMPS,it shows linke error: error LINK2001:Unresolved external symbol in atom.h
void map_init();
void map_clear();
void map_set();
void map_one(int, int);
void map_delete();
int map_find_hash(int);
and i find the functions above never realized.
so what should i do?
help me pleaseā€¦

I don't know. I suggest you send an email to the
maintainer of the WINDOWS build system, Ilya.