problem about the example of DPD in examples/USER/dpd/dpdrx-shardlow

Dear all,
I have running the example about DPD in the file of “examples/USER/dpd/dpdrx-shardlow”, but there is an error appear, as following:
"Step Temp Press Volume PotEng KinEng c_dpdU[1] c_dpdU[2] c_dpdU[3] v_totEnergy c_dpdU[4]
0 2065.00000000 1368.17463335 179834.51777865 0.00000000 230.35385810 3841.42393279 3841.42393279 0.00000000 7682.84786557 2065.00000000
ERROR: Shardlow algorithm requires sub-domain length > 2*(rcut+skin). Either reduce the number of processors requested, or change the cutoff/skin

LAMMPS itself is already giving you a suggestion and explanation. what you tried it?