Problem in calculating thermal conductivity

Dear Users,

I am trying to calculate thermal conductivity using lammps. I have install lammps-3May16 using the command ‘make yes-all’.

When I am trying to run job for thermal conductivity, I have found the following error

fix 1 all thermal/conductivity 100 z 18

ERROR: Unknown fix style (…/modify.cpp:793)

Would anyone please help me to fix this error? Here I am sending the input and log file for details information.

I am waiting for any kind response.

Thanking you.


log.lammps (2.93 KB) (941 Bytes)

Use a newer LAMMPS version. The online manual is for the most recent one.



Can you check if the fix is available in your version of LAMMPS? You should be able to find it in your lammps/src/MISC directory.

If not, then maybe updating to at least the most stable version (11 Aug 2017) version of LAMMPS should be of help.