problem in compilation Lammps

Dear Steve and others,
I have an old version of Lammps which I can compile and use it without any problem, but now I want to use the up-to-date lammps version but I receive the following message when I want to compile it with the same makefile I am using for the old version. I would be glad if anyone can help me to find my mistake. My makefile is also attached.

grep: angle_.h: No such file or directory
grep: dihedral_
.h: No such file or directory
grep: improper_*.h: No such file or directory
make[1]: Entering directory /home/malaghem/soft/mylammps/src/Obj_donal' g++ -g -O0 -I/usr/include/mpich2 -DLAMMPS_GZIP -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK -DFFT_FFTW -c force.cpp g++ -g -O -I/usr/include/mpich2 angle.o atom.o atom_vec_atomic.o atom_vec_charge.o atom_vec.o atom_vec_ellipsoid.o atom_vec_hybrid.o atom_vec_sphere.o bond.o bond_hybrid.o change_box.o comm.o compute_angle_local.o compute_atom_molecule.o compute_bond_local.o compute_centro_atom.o compute_cluster_atom.o compute_cna_atom.o compute_com.o compute_com_molecule.o compute_coord_atom.o compute.o compute_dihedral_local.o compute_displace_atom.o compute_erotate_sphere.o compute_group_group.o compute_gyration.o compute_gyration_molecule.o compute_heat_flux.o compute_improper_local.o compute_ke_atom.o compute_ke.o compute_msd.o compute_msd_molecule.o compute_pair.o compute_pair_local.o compute_pe_atom.o compute_pe.o compute_pressure.o compute_property_atom.o compute_property_local.o compute_property_molecule.o compute_rdf.o compute_reduce.o compute_reduce_region.o compute_slice.o compute_stress_atom.o compute_temp_com.o compute_temp.o compute_temp_deform.o compute_temp_partial.o compute_temp_profile.o compute_temp_ramp.o compute_temp_region.o compute_temp_sphere.o compute_ti.o create_atoms.o create_box.o delete_atoms.o delete_bonds.o dihedral.o displace_atoms.o displace_box.o domain.o dump_atom.o dump_cfg.o dump.o dump_custom.o dump_dcd.o dump_image.o dump_local.o dump_xyz.o error.o finish.o fix_adapt.o fix_addforce.o fix_ave_atom.o fix_ave_correlate.o fix_aveforce.o fix_ave_histo.o fix_ave_spatial.o fix_ave_time.o fix_box_relax.o fix.o fix_deform.o fix_deposit.o fix_drag.o fix_dt_reset.o fix_efield.o fix_enforce2d.o fix_evaporate.o fix_external.o fix_gravity.o fix_heat.o fix_indent.o fix_langevin.o fix_lineforce.o fix_minimize.o fix_momentum.o fix_move.o fix_nh.o fix_nh_sphere.o fix_nph.o fix_nph_sphere.o fix_npt.o fix_npt_sphere.o fix_nve.o fix_nve_limit.o fix_nve_noforce.o fix_nve_sphere.o fix_nvt.o fix_nvt_sllod.o fix_nvt_sphere.o fix_orient_fcc.o fix_planeforce.o fix_press_berendsen.o fix_print.o fix_read_restart.o fix_recenter.o fix_respa.o fix_rigid.o fix_rigid_nve.o fix_rigid_nvt.o fix_setforce.o fix_shake.o fix_shear_history.o fix_spring.o fix_spring_rg.o fix_spring_self.o fix_store_force.o fix_store_state.o fix_temp_berendsen.o fix_temp_rescale.o fix_thermal_conductivity.o fix_tmd.o fix_ttm.o fix_viscosity.o fix_viscous.o fix_wall.o fix_wall_harmonic.o fix_wall_lj126.o fix_wall_lj93.o fix_wall_reflect.o fix_wall_region.o force.o group.o improper.o input.o integrate.o irregular.o kspace.o lammps.o lattice.o library.o main.o math_extra.o memory.o min_cg.o min.o min_fire.o min_hftn.o minimize.o min_linesearch.o min_quickmin.o min_sd.o modify.o neigh_bond.o neighbor.o neigh_derive.o neigh_full.o neigh_gran.o neigh_half_bin.o neigh_half_multi.o neigh_half_nsq.o neigh_list.o neigh_request.o neigh_respa.o neigh_stencil.o output.o pack.o pair_born.o pair_buck_coul_cut.o pair_buck.o pair_coul_cut.o pair_coul_debye.o pair.o pair_dpd.o pair_dpd_tstat.o pair_gauss.o pair_hybrid.o pair_hybrid_overlay.o pair_lj96_cut.o pair_lj_cut_coul_cut.o pair_lj_cut_coul_debye.o pair_lj_cut.o pair_lj_expand.o pair_lj_gromacs_coul_gromacs.o pair_lj_gromacs.o pair_lj_smooth.o pair_morse.o pair_soft.o pair_table.o pair_yukawa.o random_mars.o random_park.o read_data.o read_restart.o region_block.o region_cone.o region.o region_cylinder.o region_intersect.o region_plane.o region_prism.o region_sphere.o region_union.o replicate.o respa.o run.o set.o special.o thermo.o timer.o universe.o update.o variable.o velocity.o verlet.o write_restart.o -lmpich -lpthread -lfftw -o ../lmp_donal size ../lmp_donal text data bss dec hex filename 3048497 11296 336 3060129 2eb1a1 ../lmp_donal make[1]: Leaving directory /home/malaghem/soft/mylammps/src/Obj_donal’

Best regards,

Makefile.mohammad (2.36 KB)

write_restart.o -lmpich -lpthread -lfftw -o ../lmp_donal
size ../lmp_donal
   text data bss dec hex filename
3048497 11296 336 3060129 2eb1a1 ../lmp_donal
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/malaghem/soft/mylammps/src/Obj_donal'

Looks to me as if it compiled successfully doesn it?


-------- Original-Nachricht --------

Agreed - but if you are using too old a version, the format
of the lo-level Makefiles has changed, so you will want
to convert your old to the new format,
else you won't be able to include certain packages and
their libraries.

All you really need to preserve, are the compiler/linker settings.