Problem indenter K- peridynamics


I work on nanoindentation with peridynamics theory. I used a sperical indenter on a very thin coating and I want to match my depth indentation with displacement of atoms just below indenter, so I need to change indenter parameter. But I have a problem with my K ( Parameter of indenter) because when I take a K too high, my curve Force/depth indentation isn´t anymore smooth as you can see it on the attached file ! And I checked atomic distribution but it´s completely normal without weird displacements of atoms ! So, I don´t know why it behaves like this. Do you have any idea or explainations ?



Indenter-K.docx (235 KB)

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to add some on-topic comment as well. if you crank up the force
constant on the indenter, did you check whether you need to reduce the
time step? more noisy forces are often an indication of too large a
time step...