Problem installing lammps-1Feb14 in Ubuntu 16.04

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---------- Mensagem encaminhada ----------
De: "Carlos Alvarez Zambrano" <[email protected]...>
Data: 28 de jun de 2017 21:09
Assunto: Re: [lammps-users] Problem installing lammps-1Feb14 in Ubuntu 16.04
Para: "Axel Kohlmeyer" <[email protected]>

Dear Axel,

Thanks for your response, I need to install this old version because I want
to install another program which works with that old version. Where I can
find that manual? Thank you.

ok. the manual is bundled with the sources. you have a pdf file and a
folder with html files.

after you have your old version working, i would still recommend
trying to update LAMMPS to the latest version and make the necessary
changes to the other program. internal changes to LAMMPS are rather
small and often straightforward to adapt to. with the old version
working, you also have a reference to compare to.