Problem regarding Indentation test

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I tried to use LAMMPS code for simulating the Nano Indentation using Si.Tersoff, and would like to apply on the Jelinek Potential, Can any one tell me how to assign the Jelinek multi body potential and also can any one tell me how to change the compositons in the box and indent with shock loads also, i have attached the docs. please find the attachments

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M.S. Scholar

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IIT Madras

sphericalindent.test (770 Bytes)

Si.tersoff (741 Bytes)

Jelinek_2012_meam.alsimgcufe (2.13 KB)

Jelinek_2012_meamf (1.26 KB)

If LAMMPS does not have the functional form of the potential
you want, you can tabulate it (assuming it is a pair style) and
use pair_style table. Or you can write a new pair style.

For indentation, see examples/indent for a toy script
that does it.