Problem with Kinetic Energy of deposited particles

Hi there,
I am trying to deposit Cd particles on a CdTe substrate using BOP. I need incident energy of Cd having 0.14 eV value. I have calculated the velocity corresponding to this energy (0.141.610^(-19) = 1/2mv^2) and got 4.9 in the metal unit. I used this as the vertical velocity of Cd (i.e. Vz -4.9 -4.9) in fix deposit. I compared the KE of Cd deposited atom using Compute command as Compute ke all ke/atom. This gives a strange value of KE 6.55 eV instead of 0.14 eV. Could you give some suggestions about the mistake I made? The velocity I have got from the above calculation is correct. I really appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you.

Indiras Khatri

Is the velocity value 6.55 eV the instant the particle is inserted, or
after it has interacted with the surface atoms? Try putting
the particle into an empty box (now just one atom), and dumping
out its velocity and ke/atom value for several timesteps. It
should be the same every step.