Problem with LAMMPS dump molfile

Dear Dr. Kohlmeyer,

​in the future, please post questions about LAMMPS to the lammps-users
mailing list and not to me directly​. the mailing list is archived, so that
other people with similar problems can research the existing solutions and
recommendations. thanks for your understanding.

I am having some problems in using the dump molfile command in LAMMPS, as
it states the following error: "Error on proc 0: No suitable molfile plugin
found (../dump_molfile.cpp:105)"
In some websites I have seen a couple of people with the same problem,
which is that lammps is unable to find the plugins. I am using lammps for
windows, but when I specify the directory with VMD plugins, it just doesn't
work. Could you please advise me on that?

This is the dump command I am using:

​dump 4 all molfile 25 hmx*.pdb pdb .C:\Program Files (x86)\University of

​there are two problems:
1) there is a '.' character ​in front of the "C:" drive letter, which would
make it an illegal path.
2) your pathname has blanks in it. LAMMPS will thus not recognize it as one
argument, but as multiple. even with the corrected drive letter, it would
look in "C:\Program", which is - obviously - not a valid path. you have to
use single or double quotes around the path.

an easier remedy for this is to copy the desired molfile plugin into the
working directory and not specify a path at all.

it looks like you are on a 64-bit windows installation. did you install a
32-bit LAMMPS binary or a 64-bit one? please note, that the 64-bit binary
cannot load 32-bit windows plugins.