Problem with parallel of change_box

Dear All,

I am using the the change_box command as follow to change the original p p p boundary to p p f. It is ok if I run the program using serial executable. However, if I run it using parallel executable. It comes out error: illegal change_box command. The program is run in windows xp system.

change_box all boundary p p f


Paul can look at this. I asume the Windows exe is not up-to-date
with this command.


I just tested both the serial and parallel Windows executables from the LAMMPS download page with this command and it runs just fine. Are you using the 1July2012 version?

I'll attach the input script I just ran that worked for me. Please try running this input script with the 1July2012 versions of the executables.


in.lj (518 Bytes)

Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for the example.

Yes, the executable I used is an old one. The 1July2012 one works quit well.