Problem with supported pair_style in KOKKOS

Dear all,

I want to use different pair styles like eam, adp and meam with the acceleration by KOKKOS. However, the KOKKOS can only be enabled for eam potential in my installed lammps. From the manual, it seems that adp/kk and meam/kk are supported. What could be the origin of the problem, the installation or the pair_style support of Kokkos or else?



You are probably looking at the wrong documentation. Both adp/kk and meam/kk were added to LAMMPS rather recently. So if you look at the documentation for your LAMMPS version they are not listed because it is older. The online documentation always corresponds to the latest release.

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My lammps version is old. I will install the latest version and see if it works.

Thanks for your notice.