Problems creating a new sign-in

I’ve been a long-time MP user with my personal google sign-in, however our company now requires that only company emails/accounts be accessed from company computers. I tried to create a new account using my company email, however when I follow the link sent by MP I get the following message:

Please enter the login code that was sent to you.

Login code:
Login code is invalid. It might have expired.

Tried a few times and it’s always the same.
What should I do? Prior suggestions in this forum are to use a different email provider, but that’s exactly what I am trying to avoid in the first place!


Hi @sb_emd,

Thanks for this post. This kind of feedback is very useful to us – we often assume that most people can use one of the established login providers, but if it’s a problem and you cannot, it’s really good that we hear about it.

Are you able to sign in at with any account with your company email? This is our new login system. If not, I will escalate and see if we can address it (we have already had discussions on this issue internally). It’s really important to us that everyone can log in, including from industry.

Finally, as a technical note, the reason we use these third-party login providers is simply because we’re a small team and it’s really difficult/expensive to get login working correctly (which is why you might be seeing this error message now). We know it’s important, but we also have to figure out how to prioritize development given our team size, which is why feedback like this is so useful.