Problems with cmake's installation of VORONOI

When I installed Voronoi using cmake, I installed Voro++ by myself, and then set environment variables and other settings, but when compiling the VORONOOI package, the following problems occurred. What can I do to successfully install this package?
[hfan@mu01 build]$ cmake -D PKG_VORONOI=YES -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/hfan/fzli/voro …/cmake
– Appending /opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/mkl/lib/intel64_lin/:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/tbb/lib/intel64/gcc4.4:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/mkl/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/ipp/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/ipp/compiler/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/compiler/lib/intel64:/opt/software/gcc/mpc-1.1.0/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gmp-6.1.2/lib:/opt/software/gcc/mpfr-4.0.1/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gcc-9.2.0/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gcc-9.2.0/lib64 to CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH: /opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/mkl/lib/intel64_lin/:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/tbb/lib/intel64/gcc4.4:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/mkl/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/ipp/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/ipp/compiler/lib/intel64:/opt/software/intel2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.163/linux/compiler/lib/intel64:/opt/software/gcc/mpc-1.1.0/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gmp-6.1.2/lib:/opt/software/gcc/mpfr-4.0.1/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gcc-9.2.0/lib:/opt/software/gcc/gcc-9.2.0/lib64
– Running check for auto-generated files from make-based build system
– Found VORO: /home/hfan/fzli/voro/lib/libvoro++.a
– Voro++ download requested - we will build our own
CMake Error at Modules/Packages/VORONOI.cmake:31 (message):
The ‘patch’ program is required to build the voro++ library
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:487 (include)

– Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also “/home/hfan/fzli/lammps-software/lammps/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log”.
See also “/home/hfan/fzli/lammps-software/lammps/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log”.

You have to follow the instructions in the LAMMPS manual. You obviously did not. Please see: 3.7. Packages with extra build options — LAMMPS documentation

Otherwise, just install the “patch” program and let LAMMPS do the rest for you.

According to the method in the manual, I need to download the installation package, it is obviously not possible to enter directly, is it necessary to add cmake …/make or some other extra statement? Where should I set the next two paths? Another way to install a patch is what is the program, and how to install it, and please give me a suggestion. Sorry to bother you so much.

You are not making any sense here. The Instructions in the LAMMPS manual are accurate and specific and tested. If you cannot make sense of them, you have problems with basic CMake usage. There is a little tutorial included in the LAMMPS manual. If that is not sufficient, you have to study the CMake documentation or find somebody that is willing to tutor you or do this installation for you. This is a place to discuss LAMMPS.

The same applies to installing the “patch” program. That is a common executable used in software development and should be straightforward to install. Again, if you don’t understand, you need to find somebody that can explain this to you. I don’t know how to do this differently from what I have already done, and this is not the place to give a detailed class on basic computer knowledge.