Quasi-static compaction test

    I want to simulate a quasi-static compression test for frictional granular particles. In
keeping with the quasi-static assumption I want to apply the total wall displacement in
several tiny increments. After each increment the walls should be held in place and the
particles should be allowed to reach equilibrium (that is the kinetic energy should go
close to zero). Thus each displacement increment is to be followed by kind of a
relaxation step. My question is how do I achieve this using lammps for frictional granular

I thought I could use the "minimize" command for relaxation but that would not work for
granular particles that can rotate.

In theory I should be able to use a series of run commands as given below but the
problem I face is that I do not know in advance how many timesteps it would take to
relax the system.

run 1 (Apply the incremental wall displacement)
run N1 (Number of steps to acheive equibrium)
run 1 (Apply the incremental wall displacement)
run N2 (Number of steps to acheive equibrium)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

You can apply the incremental wall displace by simply
re-specifying the fix wall/gran command with the
wall at a different position. As to how long you
have to run, I have no idea. You'll need to monitor
some quantity. You could put the run in a loop
and if test/jump out of the loop when the criterion
is met.