Quasi-static tensile simulation - Temperature control

Dear LAMMPS Experts,

I am performing the tensile test on a fully non-periodic (SSS) core-shell nanowire model. I am using the fix addforce command to perform my simulations. For a pure metal (no core-shell), my code works fine and I can achieve the values in the literature however starting my core/shell simulation, again I begin with the CG algorithm at zero kelvin to minimize the kinetic effects. But starting the stretching part, the temperature starts to grow and affects my stress calculations for sure. Is there any way I can have more control over performing quasi-static simulations in terms of temperature increase? For example, using the fix deform command in the PPP B.C. case, I was using Fix NVT after the energy minimization. Should I think about a similar solution?

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I suggest you ask the author of the CORESHELL package this Q.
His name and contact info are at the top of source files
in the src/CORESHELL dir.